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November 24, 2021  

212: Michael Roeger | NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships

November 24, 2021

212: Michael Roeger | NCAA D1 Cross Country Championships

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Julian comes up with a photo challenge for the listener's easy run.
Brad holds back from pushing his body too far.
Brady lays down fast 400s in Shepparton and alternating mile efforts on the long run.

Michael Roeger checks in for a catch-up chat, how he came off the marathon event in Penrith into the lead up to Tokyo Paralympic where he picked up an injury, then finding the motivation to persevere with starting the race and how it unfolded. Michael talks about recovering from the event, spending time in hotel quarantine as well as planning for the future after learning that his para-athlete classification of T46 will not be staging a marathon at the 2024 Paris Paralympic Games, where his passion lies and the news that he will be lining up for the 2022 Boston Marathon.

NCAA Australian Results, long time listener, Chris Hill helped us with coverage here

Location: Tallahassee, Florida 

Men's finishers: 250

Women's Finishers: 250

The men's 10km race played out as per the script with major favourite Connor Mantz from BYU taking the win for the second year in a row ahead of Wesley Kiptoo of Iowa State and Athanas Kioko of Campbell. This race went out HARD with the first KM in 2:39. Blow-ups everywhere

Connor Mantz - 28:33

Wesley Kiptoo - 28:38

Athanas Kioko - 28:40

We had three Australian males in the top20.

- Haftu Strintzos - 28:57 (9th) Villanova (out of nowhere)

- Ky Robinson of Stanford (Queenslander) finishing an amazing 14th in 29:15 in only his second year in the states. 

- Zach Facioni - 29:19 (19th) Wake Forest

- Ed Trippas - 29:51 (67th) Princeton

- Ed Goddard - 30:10 (104th) Iona - Competing in Melbourne 

- Adam Fogg - 30:30 (139th) Drake

- Jackson Sharp 30:42 (165th) Wisconsin

- Josh Pillips - 30:46 (167th) Villanova

In the women's 6km race, Whittni Orton from BYU broke at 5km and surged through to take the win ahead of Alabama's Chelangat and Ceili McCabe of West Virginia

Whittni Orton - 19:25 (BYU)

Mercy Chelangat - 19:29 (Alabama)

Ceili McCabe - 19:29 (West Virginia)

Aussie Female results: 

Lauren Ryan - 19:50 (26th) Florida State

Ruby Smee - 19:53 (34th) San Francisco

Clio Ozanne-Jaques -20:21 (78th) Ole Miss

Cara Woolnough-20:25 (86th) Utah

Lucinda Crouch - 20:32 (107th) Wisconsin

Maudie Skyring - 20:35 (115th) Florida State

Sophie O'Sullivan - 22:40 (244th) Washington

Full NCAA D1 Cross Country Championship Results

*Huge thanks to listener Chris Hill for compiling these results.

Nick Earl took out the Point to Pinnacle Half Marathon in Hobart, Tasmania in 1:23:46, with Meriem Daoui winning the women’s race in 1:48:08.

Jacob Kiplimo shaved a second off the Half Marathon World Record in Lisbon. 

Listener Question from Georgia asks what the signs of peaking too early in marathon training, before Moose lays down the etiquette on posting workouts to Strava.

Stay tuned as next week the boys will release details about the December 5th Livestream ahead of the Nike Melbourne Marathon Festival.


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