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May 29, 2019  

082: Rod Dixon (Part Two)

May 29, 2019

082: Rod Dixon Part 2

Julian gets his volume up to scratch and has another run-in with Ballarat’s underside.
Brad makes a big call on the direction of his running future
Brady rolls out another session with Andy Buchanan and gets a 10K locked in.

Malcolm Hicks returns to talk about his World Championships marathon qualifier at Dusseldorf marathon, what the leadup of the race looked like with World Cross, Doha selection

Dane Verwey and Bec Rosel take out the 41st Adelaide Marathon

Runaway Noosa Marathon featured stack fields in the half marathon

Ben St Lawrence's Run Crew makes a challenge at Bankstown at the NSW XC Relays
NSW Athletics Report

Moose picks another Kyle Merber Tweet of the Week:

The interview with Rod Dixon continues from the Munich Olympics where he won a bronze medal and then onto the Montreal games where he competed in the 5000m. Using a mixture of tactics throughout leading into it, observing the differences in European and Kenyan racing styles and how it came to blows and friendship with Steve Prefontaine. Rod then talks about his transition to road racing after New Zealand’s Olympic boycott of 1980, winning his weight in beer in Adamstown to then getting courted by Fred Lebow after placing 3rd in the 1982 World Cross Country and making the decision after absorbing the atmosphere of the New York City Marathon.

From that moment Rod made the commitment to getting absolutely focused on running the perfect race, training in Amish country and taking homemade gels to culminate in his iconic victory in the 1983 New York City Marathon.
Rod’s interview concludes with the story of giving Sir Edmund Hillary a house call to remember and answering the challenge to inspire the next generation that became the genesis for the Kids Marathon Foundation, fundraising to save the local school and getting kids active while working with the Hillary Foundation, how it’s expanded over the years and why its importance is paramount to children’s development. You can find out more about Rod Dixon’s KiDSMARATHON here.


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