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June 29, 2019  

IRP with: Soph Ryan + Ellie Pashley

June 29, 2019

Sophie Ryan and Ellie Pashley along with Brady take the reins on this new podcast, starting with updates on what they’ve been doing since their previous appearances on the show;


Sophie’s looking to regain her form after Nagoya Marathon earlier this year at Lakeside:10.

Ellie’s leading astray on the trails of Anglesea ahead of the 10000m at Oceania Championships.

The team give a new perspective highlights some of the performances at the NSW Cross Country Championships at Nowra and the Victorian Cross Country Championships at Bundoora, featuring promising returns from names such as Jenny Blundell and Bec Lowe as well as going into the conversations between Ellie and Makda Haji Harun during Bundoora.


A big discussion is around women runners dealing with harassment and criminal incidents, with Sophie sharing some difficult experiences, how she and her family worked through it and what actions that both women and men need to be doing to ensure better runner safety. 

The show ends on a positive note, giving a preview the elite women’s field at Gold Coast Marathon doubling as the Oceania Marathon Championships featuring the likes of Milly Clark and Mel Panayiatou before discussing the other events and what Sophie and Ellie plan for the week ahead.

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